Race and the Speculative cover Race and Speculative cover
Eden Robison at a fancy conference at Stanford. Have a great time, E!

Ian Williams (Photo: Paul Joseph)
Ian Williams to Chair 2023 Scotiabank Giller Prize Jury!

Canada Reads longlisted author Waubgeshig Rice creates the future he wants to see

Maria Campbell being interviewed from Barcelona on Zoom about the Catalan and Spanish editions of Halfbreed

Wall Street Journal: The Joy, Humor and Dignity of Native Life

Ian Williams as a guest of honour at the Writers Trust Gala on November 17, where the theme was fairy tales. Ian was a forest sprite.

Paul Seesequasis in The Globe and Mail: Six portraits of Indigenous resistance, from the Constitution Express to Idle No More

Book Riot's list of "22 Must-Read Indigenous Authors" includes books by Eden Robinson

UCLA recommends reading Eden Robinson's Trickster Trilogy for Native American Heritage Month—get started with Son of a Trickster

ScreenCraft's list of "15 Indigenous Movies You Need to See" includes Monkey Beach, based on Eden Robinson's best-selling novel

Happy Book Birthday to Vox Humana by Adebe DeRango-Adem 🎉 | Book*hug Press

Writing the Coast: BC and Yukon Book Prizes Podcast: S4 Episode 24: Ian Williams talks about putting himself on the page in his book Disorientation

The Peace Pipe Dreams audiobook is out this month from PRHC and author Darrell Dennis is currently shooting, directing, and acting in a film he wrote: The Great Salish Heist.

When Austin Clarke won the Commonwealth Book Prize 20 years ago. Austin had a private audience with the Queen. It was the highlight of his life.

The Globe and Mail: Losing her daughter to a drug overdose stopped poet Susan Musgrave’s pen

Book Riot chooses Moon of the Crusted Snow as a top creepy SF/F novel for Halloween. Check out the podcast, with coverage beginning at 36:40m. Congratulations, Waub!

Reframeables: Reframing Community with Ian Williams—click on the link to listen to the interview

Watch the Toronto Central Reference Library interview with author Eden Robinson

And Lisa Bird-Wilson is #1!

Congratulations to Lisa Bird-Wilson, whose novel, Probably Ruby has won both the Saskatoon Book Prize AND the Book of the Year Award!

For Waubgeshig Rice, National Indigenous Peoples Day "is a chance to celebrate his heritage"

"We have an infinite capacity for joy," says novelist Eden Robinson

Probably Ruby named one of the best audiobooks of 2022!

Lisa Bird-Wilson on NPR: 'Probably Ruby' explores the legacy of forced Indigenous adoption and residential schools in Canada

Lisa and Ruby strike again on Lithub!

Lisa and Ruby are everywhere! Listen to Lisa Bird-Wilson on the Skylight Books Podcast Series, Skylit

Read the wonderful World Literature Today interview with Lisa Bird-Wilson

Moon of the Crusted Snow is one of twenty-five top selling books by Canadian-owned publishers

Decolonize your bookshelf with Eden Robinson, among others

Yasuko Thanh in The Globe and Mail: My anger at B.C. parliament protests was a reflection of my own privilege

Lisa Bird-Wilson, author of Probably Ruby, makes The Millions "Writers to Watch: Spring 2022" list!

CBC Radio named Disorientation by Ian Williams the #1 nonfiction book to give as a Christmas gift—congratulations, Ian!

Disorientation: Being Black in the World makes The New York Times list of new and notable books—congratulations, Ian!

Los Angeles Times: Why a novelist shifted to essays about the ‘disorientation’ of being Black in the world`

Looking for your next non-fiction read—Book Riot recommends Disorientation: Being Black in the World by Ian Williams

Disorientation by Ian Williams is Skylight Books inaugural title for its non-fiction reading club!

Ian Williams gives LitHub a list of "Authors that Make Good Literary Neighbors"

Maria Campbell and Lee Maracle—"two of the great matriarchs of Indigenous literature"

Moon of the Crusted Snow is one of eight indigenous horror novels recommended by The Lineup

"The Disorienting Politics of Being Black": Watch Ian Williams on TVO's The Agenda

Listen to the Jamie Tennant interview with Everything Turns Away author, Michelle Berry

Watch CBC Gem's Writing the Land, featuring Eden Robinson, Catherine Hernandez, and Aviaq Johnston

Ian Williams discusses "disorientation"—the impact of racial encounters on racialized people—on The Social

CBC Books: Ian Williams aims to make sense of a racialized world in the essay collection Disorientation

In his own words…Waubgeshig Rice explains how his traditional homeland impacts him as a storyteller

CBC Gem's documentary series celebrating 12 Canadian writers includes Son of a Trickster author Eden Robinson

Matt Galloway of The Current interviews author Ian Williams:
Listen to the interview
Read the conversation

The Georgia Straight: Ian Williams takes a deep dive into Disorientation

The New Year brings new paperback editions!

Probably Ruby US paperback edition Where Beauty Survived Canadian paperback edition Disorientation Canadian paperback edition

January 3: The US paperback edition of Probably Ruby by Lisa Bird-Wilson
January 3: The Canadian paperback edition of Where Beauty Survived by George Elliott Clarke
January 23: The Canadian paperback edition of Disorientation by Ian WIlliams

Exculpatory Lilies is a Globe and Mail Best Book of the Year—congratulations, Susan!  

author Susan Musgrave

“Susan Musgrave buries loss and kindness behind wit in this collection of grave meaning. Playful but serious, she writes in a way that can’t possibly be taught but by experience. Life, time: transfixed by transcendental moments passing by as lines. Lines dividing life from lives and lamenting.”
— Andrew Brobyn, author of Babble On —

Look who's made the list for the Governor General's Award!

Lisa Bird-Wilson's Probably Ruby is a finalist for the Governor General's Award for Fiction!

Darrell Dennis shortlisted as a co-author in the drama category!

Watch for these new books!

Exculpatory Lilies by Susan Musgrave Green Mountain Academy by Frances Greenslade Probably Ruby by Lisa Bird-Wilson

September 9: Exculpatory Lilies, new poetry from Susan Musgrave
September 27: Green Mountain Academy, a new YA novel from Frances Greenslade
September 27: The Canadian paperback edition of Probably Ruby by Lisa Bird-Wilson

New covers for the Russian editions of the Flavia de Luce series

Alan Bradley's Russian publisher, AST, is releasing new editions of the Flavia de Luce mystery series with covers aimed at adults. Here are the new covers for the first three books, with the old covers aimed at kids.

Probably Ruby shortlisted for the First Novel Award!

author Lisa Bird-Wilson

“In a time when truth is coveted, ‘Probably Ruby’ is a refreshing reminder of the realities of forced Indigenous adoption and family separation. Bird-Wilson’s writing is at times poetic and ever compelling. We are fortunate to have her and Ruby among us.”

Eden Robinson receives First Peoples Prize!

author Eden Robinson

Congratulations to Eden Robinson, who received the
2022 Blue Metropolis First Peoples Prize on May 7th!

Now available, the US edition of Probably Ruby

author Lisa Bird-Wilson

“Moving…. Vivid…. the fragmented nature lends a sense of verisimilitude to this painful story of a fractured family history, and readers will be carried along by Ruby’s vitality and perseverance. This is well worth a look.”

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The Bukowski Agency 2022 Frankfurt SellSheets
Check out The Bukowski Agency's Hot List for Frankfurt 2022


A starred review for Cactus Gardens by Evelyn Lau

BOOKLIST calls Green Mountain Academy by Frances Greenslade "A harrowing and reflective escapade"

Frances Greenslade's Green Mountain Academy is an "action-packed…story [that] satisfies," says Kirkus Reviews

"Ruby never disappoints"—read The New York Review of Probably Ruby by Lisa Bird-Wilson

Charles Demers' calls Eden Robinson's Blood Sports "the most disturbing book in the world…you cannot stop reading"

The reviews are in: Italy loves Reproduction by Ian Williams

Disorientation, a "pithy, kaleidoscopic book," is on the Boston Globe's Best Books of 2021 list

maisonneuve calls Disorientation by Ian Williams "writing [that] brings a necessary perspective to urgent conversations"

Kirkus Reviews calls Disorientation by Ian Williams "lyrical" and a "thoughtful narritive"

Blood in the Water, "an instant true crime classic," receives a starred review from Publishers Weekly

Toronto Star: Beauty survived, thankfully, in writer and poet George Elliott Clarke’s new Africadian memoir

Probably Ruby presents "a complex, unforgettable character," says the Toronto Star

Probably Ruby "a brave and beautiful book" and Where Beauty Survived "a vibrant, revealing memoir," says DailyHive

Foreword Reviews calls Silver Donald Cameron's Blood in the Water "Compelling"

Lisa Bird-Wilson's "Poignant debut novel," Probably Ruby, is a Reader's Digest Book Club pick

Chatelaine magazine calls Lisa Bird-Wilson's Probably Ruby "a beautiful, hilarious novel"

George Elliott Clarke "paints vivid scenes of his early life" in Where Beauty Survived, says Quill & Quire

Maclean's calls Probably Ruby "a heartbreaking and revelatory work…about family"

Blood in the Water is "an insightful social history as it is a slice of true crime," says The Herald, Scotland

The Daily Mail, UK, calls Blood in the Water "a comprehensive, thoughtful examination"

Crime Reads does a delightful deep dive into Alan Bradley's Flavia de Luce mystery series

The Toronto Star calls Robinson's Return of the Trickster 'wickedly funny, tender, emotionally true’

Chatelaine: Eden Robinson’s Return Of The Trickster Is A Fitting End To Her Trilogy

The Daily Mail UK reviews Ian Williams' novel Reproduction, calling it "vastly enjoyable" with "top-notch comic dialogue"

The Guardian calls Reproduction by Ian Williams “captivating…a finely balanced novel”

The Guardian, UK, calls Ian Williams debut novel "an enjoyably offbeat family saga"

The Globe and Mail calls Blood in the Water Silver Donald Cameron's "brilliant finale to an illustrious career"

"A resonant read for unsettling times"—Frances Greenslade's Red Fox Road receives a starred Kirkus review

Literary Review of Canada reviews Mallory Tater's "gripping debut" novel, The Birth Yard

MPRnews reviews Ian Williams' novel, Reproduction, which is "a memorable read"

Read the CrimeReads review of Dazieri's Kill the King, the final book in the Caselli and Torre series

Dazieri's Kill the King is a book with a "brilliantly plotted storyline," says blogger All Things Jill-Elizabeth

Ian Williams' debut novel, Reproduction, receives a spectacular New York Times review

The Birth Yard by Mallory Tater is "a propulsive read" says Quill and Quire

“There is a breathless quality” to Ian Williams' debut novel, says Library Journal

Mallory Tater's debut novel The Birth Yard "equal parts suspense and action," says 49th Shelf

Read the Publishers Weekly review for Ian Williams' debut novel, Reproduction

Women's Day magazine calls Bradley's Flavia de Luce series a "delightful mystery series"

BC Booklook: "There is much in Thanh's memoir Mistakes to Run With to ponder"

Read The Globe and Mail review of Lansens' latest novel, This Little Light

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