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Canada: Knopf, March 2021


Kaniehtiio Horn defends Son of a Trickster by Eden Robinson

Eden Robinson is the author of the bestselling Son of a Trickster, a 2017 finalist for the Scotiabank Giller Prize and 2020 Canada Reads contender; the sequel Trickster Drift (October 2018), which won the Ethel Wilson BC Book Prize for Fiction; Blood Sports (2006), Traplines (1996), and Monkey Beach (2000), winner of the Ethel Wilson BC Book Prize and a finalist for the Giller Prize and the Governor General’s Award. Monkey Beach is a perennial bestseller read in schools and universities; 80,000 copies are in print. It has just been shot as a feature film. Eden won the $50,000 Writers Trust of Canada Fellowship in 2017. She has matriarchal tendencies and her hobbies include: Shopping for the Apocalypse, using vocabulary as a weapon, nominating cousins to band council while they’re out of town, chair yoga, looking up possible diseases or syndromes on the interwebs, perfecting gluten-free bannock and playing Mah-jong. She lives in Kitimat, BC, where she is working on the third book in the Trickster Trilogy, which had been picked up by CBC for a fall 2020 TV series. The Scotiabank Giller Prize has also selected Eden to be part of the five-member jury panel for the 2020 prize.

Eden Robinson at Between the Pages: An Evening with the Scotiabank Giller Prize Finalists on November 6, 2017
(Photo credit: Carla Robinson)
Author Eden Robinson
Return of the Trickster

a novel by Eden Robinson


“Robinson manages to skilfully pull off a series that accomplishes a whole number of things at the same time: this novel—and the trilogy as a whole—is a thrilling, magic-realist adventure story; a compelling domestic novel that explores the various kinds of family: biological, intentional, and community; a grim ride into sadistic darkness (there’s a torture scene that will forever change the way you look at deep fryers); and wickedly funny, hard-edged and sardonic, tender and emotionally true. It’s a coming of age story that spans universes.” — TORONTO STAR

“Eden Robinson builds to an epic and exhilarating supernatural confrontation. What a gift it is, to lose yourself in the final volume of Eden Robinson’s Trickster trilogy. For anyone who is tired of being relentlessly tethered to their personal pandemic reality, Return of the Trickster offers a surreal escape into a familiar but fantastical world.” — THE VANCOUVER SUN

Return of the Trickster trade paperback edition

“It’s kill or be killed, bucko. Get with the program.”

They were words Jared’s mother, Maggie, lived by, words she tried to drill into him like the magical warding she poured onto and in him and that wrapped around his entire being and sank into his blood and bones. She anchored her protection to his body to shield him from magical beings who wished him harm and he pissed it, her best work, away like he didn’t have a care in the world, like he was a normal human instead of the son of Wee’git, a Trickster, the only one of Wee’git’s 535 children who won the magical lottery.

His mother’s philosophy for life was not something Jared could ever follow. Her default setting was to kick, smash or shoot things to smithereens, while he just wanted to make the world around him a kinder, safer, place. But how can that even be a possibility when David, his mom’s psycho ex-boyfriend, starts following him, ramping up his stalking to frightening new levels? And then there’s his father’s sister, his Aunt Georgina, a maniacal ogress hungry for his power. She forced him into mortal combat and he in turn accidentally transported her and her family of shape-shifting coy wolves to another dimension where the coy wolves all died. Now Georgina is no longer interested in turning Jared into her slave, nor is she satisfied in sucking the marrow from his bones and nibbling his organs like chocolatey bonbons. No. She wants revenge. Big time. On him, on his whole family, on anyone and everyone who even has a remote association with him.


…or be killed…

Jared can no longer deny who—what—he is: He is the son of Wee'git, a Trickster. And if he wants to save everyone and everything he holds dear, it was time to embrace his Trickster heritage and, quite possibly, actually take his mother’s advice: get with the program.



“Son of a Trickster is her best work. It’s heartbreaking, it’s hilarious, it’s subversive, it’s harsh, it’s brutal, and so deeply tender.” —MIRIAM TOEWS

“The first in a trilogy, Son of a Trickster is an incredibly engaging, coming-of-age story of an indigenous teen in northern British Columbia. Eden Robinson’s almost magical ability to blend wry humor, magical realism and teenage reality will have you holding your breath for the next in the series.”— THE NEW YORK TIMES, “Summer Reads from Canada”

“The book is full of light and love. Robinson has a loopy and wonderful sense of humour, expressed not justy by her trademark laughter but her delightful author's bios.” — THE GLOBE AND MAIL

“Robinson handles the new instalment of Jared’s story with ease and grace, her trademark good humour and often-disturbing imagination in equal display…. The third novel can’t come soon enough.” — THE TORONTO STAR

“Canadian Haisla/Heiltsuk writer Eden Robinson has delivered the second in her Trickster trilogy—the first installment, Son of a Trickster, was shortlisted for the Giller Prize. Trickster Drift is even better. It’s an enlightening, entertaining and very funny novel.” — NOW (Toronto)

“My favourite book of 2019 is Trickster Drift. Eden’s amazing writing style shines through brilliantly, once again: the Words fly off the page—which allows the reader to experience the characters, scenes and plot vividly because the mechanics of reading don’t ever get in the way. Eden’s characters are vibrant and real—I actually expect to bump into a few of them the next time I’m in Vancouver.”
 — DARREL J. MCLEOD, author of Mamaskatch, CBC Books


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