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Alan Bradley (Photo: Jeff Bassett)
(Photo: Jeff Bassett)

Alan Bradley is the internationally bestselling author of short stories, children’s stories, newspaper columns, and the memoir The Shoebox Bible. The Flavia de Luce mystery series has been sold in 39 territories and has sold more than 3 million copies worldwide. The books have been bestsellers in Canada, the USA, Germany, Russia, Brazil, China, and Holland, appearing on bestseller lists in The New York Times – where the first two books appeared simultaneously – and Der Spiegel – for four months.

A Red Herring Without Mustard

by Alan Bradley


A Red Herring Without Mustard - UK coverMulti-award-winning author Alan Bradley returns with another beguiling novel starring the insidiously clever and unflappable eleven-year-old sleuth Flavia de Luce. The precocious chemist with a passion for poisons uncovers a fresh slew of misdeeds in the village of Bishop’s Lacy, including a missing child, a fortune-teller, and a corpse.

After asking the old gypsy woman to tell her fortune, Flavia stumbles across the poor soul in the wee hours, bludgeoned by her own crystal ball. Was she murdered by people convinced that the soothsayer abducted a local child years ago? Could this crime be connected to the missing baby? While pondering the possibilities Flavia stumbles upon another body, that of a local character who earlier was caught prowling about the family’s drawing room.

Pedalling Gladys, her trusty bicycle, across the village in search of clues to both crimes, A Red Herring Without Mustard - Russian coverFlavia uncovers some odd new evidence. Most intriguing is her introduction to an elegant woman with an object in her possession that opens the door to the biggest mystery of all: Flavia’s mother’s disappearance.

As the red herrings pile up, Flavia must sort through clues fishy and foul in order to solve this latest batch of mysteries.


“The Flavia de Luce novels are now a cult favourite.”  — THE MAIL ON SUNDAY, UK

“Bradley’s characters, wonderful dialogue and plot twists are a most winning combination.”  — USA TODAY

“The book’s forthright and eerily mature narrator is a treasure.”  — THE SEATTLE TIMES

Omnibus edition, Canada“… the unsinkable, articulate Flavia de Luce …”  — THE NATIONAL POST

“A delightful read.”  — THE MONTREAL GAZETTE

“Alan Bradley has created one of the most endearing protagonists the traditional mystery genre, typified by the works of Agatha Christie, has seen in a very long time … The book is beautifully written, with fully fleshed characters … The descriptions are vivid and lyrical … With this, his third novel in the Flavia de Luce series, Bradley, a Canadian who now lives in Malta, secures his position as a confident, talented writer and storyteller.”  — THE GLOBE AND MAIL

“Irresistibly appealing.”  — THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEWA Red Herring Without Mustard - Polish cover

“This idiosyncratic young heroine continues to charm.”  — THE WALL STREETJOURNAL

“This isn’t a dainty tea-and-crumpets sort of mystery. It’s shot through with real grit.”  — ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

“… our cheeky heroine is a delight. Full of pithy dialog and colorful characters…”  — LIBRARY JOURNAL

“[A] spirited, surprisingly innocent tale, despite murky goings on at its center. Think of Flavia as a new Sherlock in the making.”  — BOOKLIST

A Red Herring Without Mustard - French cover“A splendid romp through 1950s England led by the world’s smartest and mostincorrigible preteen.”  — KIRKUS REVIEWS, starred review

“Outstanding … In this marvelous blend of whimsy and mystery, Flavia manages to operate successfully in the adult world of crimes and passions while dodging the childhood pitfalls set by her sisters.”  — PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, starred review

“Flavia is incisive, cutting and hilarious … one of the most remarkable creations in recent literature.”  — USA TODAY

“Wonderfully entertaining . . . sure to be one of the most loved mysteries of the year.”  — CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

“If ever there was a sleuth who’s bold, brilliant, and, yes, adorable, it’s Flavia de Luce … [A] scrumptious first novel.”  — USA TODAY

“A five-star performance for young and old . . . written with Dickensian flair, Sherlockian suspense and tongue-in-cheek fun.”  — MYSTERY BOOKS NEWS

A Red Herring Without Mustard - cover for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao  A Red Herring Without Mustard - Spanish cover  A Red Herring Without Mustard - Portuguese cover


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