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North America: Bantam, Summer 2012
China (mainland): Yilin Press
Denmark: Forlaget Punktum
Israel: Kinneret
Poland: Muza
Serbia: Beoknjiga
Spanish language: Editorial Viceversa
Audio: Recorded Books


Stephen Miller (photo: Kevin Frederick Clark)
(Photo: Kevin Frederick Clark)

STEPHEN MILLER is a Vancouver-based author and actor who has appeared on a variety of television shows including the DaVinci’s Inquest, DaVinci’s City Hall, X-Files and Millennium. He is the author of two acclaimed historical thrillers: Field of Mars and The Last Train to Kazan.

The Messenger

a novel by Stephen Miller


The Messenger - North American coverOn a bright, sunny day in September 2012, not unlike another fateful September day eleven years earlier, a plot to bring down America begins to unfold. An elegantly dressed young woman boards a plane in Berlin for New York to bring certain death to the unsuspecting inhabitants of the New World. The Messenger is the story of her travels across the USA, and the rogue American scientist who is determined to stop her.

“Daria” is a refugee from one of the many overcrowded, poverty-stricken refugee camps that dot the Middle East. She has been groomed for years by her terrorist handlers. She is a lustrous diamond, polished, educated at the finest schools and Westernized to wipe out any trace of her Middle Eastern heritage. She passes herself off as a cultured, dark-skinned Italian woman from an aristocratic Florentine family, all the while harboring a seething hatred of the West and everything it represents. The wars that claimed the lives of her brothers and her father feed her need for revenge—and revenge she will have. America will lie in The Messenger - Spanish coverwaste at her feet.

Daria’s only instruction from her handler is to interact with as many people as she canand—have fun; Western-style fun. She starts at the Trump Tower Hotel and blends in like any other expense-account executive. Posing as a reporter for the fictional Klic! magazine, Daria mingles all over the city, then moves on across the country, infecting everyone she meets.

The Messenger - Danish coverBut soon she has a scientist on her trail who thinks he can put a stop to her lethal journey. He has long predicted that something like this would happen, and has been consistently ignored. Now is his chance to be vindicated.

The Messenger is an explosive and timely thriller that takes the reader into the mind of a terrorist. Irresistibly relevant to the times we live in, it is a heart-stopping thrill-ride to the last page.




“I never read anything by this writer without being left with deep visual and emotional impressions. Miller has that kind of power and he’s not been cheap with it here. The Messenger takes place over 16 taut days. I read it much, much more quickly than that but took longer to catch my breath.”  — JANUARY MAGAZINE

“A fascinating shocker, thoroughly engaging, smart and eerily plausible.”  — BC BOOKWORLD

“It’s a road trip filled with enough fear and loathing to scare the pants off Hunter S. Thompson. Along the way, Miller serves up a mesmerizing thriller that does double duty as an accomplished work of literature.”  — GEORGIA STRAIGHT

The Messenger, Stephen Miller’s first novel in five years and his best to date, brings us deeply into the psyches of two very different people on either side of the terror divide…. Their meeting is inevitable and shattering, the culmination of Miller’s slow boil of mounting dread featuring people far too close to ourselves…. Miller delivers suspense with the elegance of a French press.”  — NATIONAL POST

The Messenger is a thriller that lets the reader see through the terrorist's eyes. It’s a fascinating and terrifying read, mainly because it is within the realm of reason.”  — THE OKLAHOMAN

“A high-stakes thriller with heart, recommended for fans of contemporary suspense.”  — LIBRARY JOURNAL

“A chilling, heart-thumping, masterfully-written thriller. Stephen Miller has created a complex anti-heroine in the character of Daria Vermiglio, a portrait of a bio-terrorist so well rendered that we can relate to her, understand her, and identify with her journey from complete conviction to regret for her actions once she meets some of her victims: the American poor.”  — CARMEN AGUIRRE, author of Something Fierce

“A real snake-charmer of a tale, The Messenger doesn't unfold, it uncoils. You can only stare, appalled and fascinated, unable to avert your eyes. A riveting read, from beginning to end. This is Cormack McCarthy territory. It goes way beyond its genre.”  — JOHN MACLACHLAN GRAY, author of Billy Bishop Goes to War

“Miller gets it that, in the widest context, the war on terrorism, like the war on drugs, is as much about us as it is about them. A chillingly intelligent read.”  — DAVID DOWNING

“Stephen Miller’s novel The Messenger is both a high-stakes thriller and the story of a lost girl seeking answers to life's most complicated questions. Warm, empathetic, fascinating, terrifying: The Messenger has it all!”  — AMANDA EYRE WARD, author of Close Your Eyes



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