The Bukowski Agency - This Little Light - Excerpt
This Little Light

a novel by Lori Lansens


Bloglog: Rory Anne Miller
November 27 – 2024 – 9:51 pm

WE’RE TRENDING. Rory Miller. Feliza Lopez. In this moment, on this night, we’re the most famous girls in America.

Those pics you’ve seen on TV, and in your feeds over the past few hours? Two fresh-faced teens in bridal couture on the arms of their daddies at tonight’s American Virtue Ball? That’s me and my best friend Fee. The grainy footage from the school surveillance cameras of two figures in white gowns climbing up into the smokey hills after the bomb exploded at Sacred Heart High? Also us. It’s true that guilty people run. Scared people run too. The media is calling us the The Villains in Versace.

What they’re saying about us? Vicious, heinous, odious lies. First? Who wears Versace to a purity ball? I wore Mishka. Fee wore Prada. The details matter. The truth—which is not somewhere in the middle as guilty people like to say—is vital. Like oxygen. The truth is that Feliza Lopez and I did not try to blow up Sacred Heart High at the chastity ball tonight. We had nothing to do with that thing they found in my car. We have no involvement whatsoever with the Red Market. We’re not the spawn of Satan you’re loading your Walmart rifles to hunt.

If I’m being honest? Totally honest? I’ve spent a stupid amount of time daydreaming about being famous, and how amazing it’d be to have millions of followers. That’s normal, right? A shallow distraction from reality? I live in California, after all, where fame pollutes the atmosphere then penetrates your skin with the UV rays. But this isn’t fame. It’s infamy. And I feel like I do in my recurring naked-at-school nightmare—gross and exposed.

Careful what you wish for? Fee and I don’t have followers so much as we have trolls and trackers. We’re being flayed in the press. Convicted by social. And now we’re freaking fugitives, shivering and alone, hiding out in this scrap metal shed behind a little cabin in the mountains overlooking Malibu.

I’m so thankful for this old pink laptop—courtesy of Javier, who’s letting us hide in his shed, which I’ll explain later. I’ve caught up on the fake news and read all the hate tweets. Bombers? Religious terrorists? Red Market runners, trafficking stolen babies? It feels like a joke, but it’s not. And to make it even more real, the rock evangelist Reverend Jagger Jonze just put up a million-dollar reward for our capture. There’s a freaking bounty on our heads. So here we sit in this shed. No way to defend ourselves. Nowhere to run.

My throat hurts from swallowing screams.



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